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When Not To Consume Magic Mushrooms Or Truffles | ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada Blog

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

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Natural psychedelics have long played a role in human history, but it's also important to know when it isn't right to experiment with them. Below we'll explore three scenarios in which you likely shouldn't use mushrooms or truffles.

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1. When The Mushrooms Or Truffles Have Gone Bad

Just like regular mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms and truffles have an expiration date. Before tripping, always inspect your mushrooms/truffles both visually and by smelling them. If they smell off or show any visual signs of decomposition or contamination (mould, black or white spots, slime), don't consume them.

The main concern with consuming spoiled magic mushrooms or truffles is their ability to cause vomiting, diarrhoea, or food poisoning. There is no evidence to suggest that spoiled mushrooms have any adverse psychological effects. In fact, mushrooms tend to lose potency over time, especially if they haven't been stored properly.

Note: If you're growing your own mushrooms and notice contamination in your substrate, don't worry. In most cases, you should still be able to harvest and consume your mushrooms. I love mushrooms? Tired of contamination and failure? Maybe you know how to grow mushrooms, but let us handle the sciencey and risky stuff. Try our grow kit, the ZoomBag magic mushroom grow kit, it is super easy to use, and get 2-4 ounces of dry mushrooms.

2. If You're Taking Prescription Medication

Another situation in which you shouldn't take psychedelic mushrooms/truffles is if you're taking prescription medication, in particular mental health medications such as anxiolytics, mood stabilisers, and antidepressants. That's because psilocybin may interfere with serotonin pathways in the brain and compound the effects of these drugs (most of which also work on serotonin).

If you're not taking mental health medication but are taking other prescription drugs, here too we recommend you don't take magic mushrooms or truffles until you have completed your treatment and been weaned off the meds you are on. There is little information on how psilocybin interacts with prescription drugs, so we always recommend playing it safe until further research into the topic is completed.

3. If You Do Not Feel Mentally Prepared Or Stable Enough

Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, and many other psychedelics researchers have talked extensively about the importance of set and setting when taking mushrooms, truffles, and other psychedelics. “Set” refers to your internal, emotional environment, while “setting” (you guessed it) refers to the physical setting/environment you're in when you're tripping.

If you're experiencing anxiety, depression, or other forms of emotional distress, we highly recommend you stay away from recreational tripping on mushrooms or truffles. While some clinical research has investigated the effects on psilocybin in mental health conditions (Psychedelic Treatment with Psilocybin Relieves Major Depression, Study Shows, 2020), these trials were conducted in very controlled environments.

Ensuring A Positive Psilocybin Trip

Psilocybin is a powerful compound capable of delivering very enlightening spiritual experiences. In this article, we've shared some of our favourite ways to consume psilocybin mushrooms/truffles, and outlined some important scenarios where tripping is not advised. With this knowledge, you can ensure any experience you have with psilocybin is a powerful and rewarding one. Want to know how to grow magic mushrooms? If you want to grow your own magic mushrooms in a psilocybin magic mushroom grow kit check out the ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit which we sell here!



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