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What is a Safe Space & Why is it a Good Idea | ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada

ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada

A magic mushroom trip can be an amazing life-changing experience, but it can also go to the other end of the spectrum and be somewhat terrifying, it is no wonder then that many people are hesitant to consume this ancient indigenous medicine. Today we bring you a way you can prepare yourself if the experience is not pleasant: by preparing a ''Safe Space'', a place where you can go to get your hyperactive thoughts in order, calm down and reengage with the experience in a positive way. Let's take a look at how any psychedelic adventure can benefit from a Safe Space. . . 1. What is a Safe Space? A safe space is an area that’s calm, comfortable, and away from loud noises or sudden interruptions. It’s a place where you know you can retreat if things start getting a bit heavy during your trip. When you prepare for the trip you must always consider set and setting, a Safe Space can be another great addition to your preparations. . 2. Why is it a good idea to have a safe space? . . Having a cozy safe space around when you’ve taken magic mushrooms can reduce the chances of having a bad trip. Why? Because it is comforting to the mind to know you have a place where you can go if you are not feeling your best, or if you need to reflect or simply have a bit of a breather if things start getting intense. Knowing there’s a safe space around will make you feel more secure and confident when you set out on your magic mushrooms trip. . It lets others know you need a time out When you go into the safe space, you’re creating a sort of a boundary and showing people that you need some time out. When someone’s in a safe space, then you should respect their privacy unless they specifically invite you in or you feel they might need help. When you have a safe space, you reduce the risk of participants harming themselves. It also helps you to get the maximum therapeutic effects out of magic mushrooms by making the experience safer for all. .. 3. Where can you make a Safe Space and how to prepare it? . . It was the guys over The Zendo Project that brought the concept of a psychedelic safe space into the mainstream. They’ve been providing safe spaces at festivals and music events all over the world. As well as providing a safe space, they also educate people about how to use psychedelics responsibly. It's easy to prepare a Safe Space. You could do it in a separate room of the house, or a corner of a large room. You can even make one under a tree or in a tent if you’re tripping outside. It’s just a matter of getting a bit creative. One thing’s for sure, your safe space has to be quiet calm, comfortable, cozy, and warm. You can do this by using cushions and fleece blankets. Make sure that it’s not exposed to bright lights and that there’s shade from the sun if you’re outside. You should leave some water, juices, and fruits. If you are using a Trip Sitter to help out, the Safe Space is an awesome place for him to hang out and help those in need. . . Making it Special To make your safe space a bit more comforting, you could have some nice zen music playing in there. Prepare your playlist set beforehand, you don't want to be having to select music when your tripping. Try putting some personal things that mean something to you, like a dream catcher, percussion instruments, crystals or pencils and paper for those who might want to write during the trip. You can also have some blindfold on hand. If you’re having a bad trip then sometimes total darkness can be soothing. . Conclusion . Having a Safe Space when you’re tripping is like having a huge safety net. It’s easy to set one up and you’ll be so thankful for it in challenging times. Instead of fighting a bad trip, retreat to the safe space and surrender to it in comfort and safety. . Note: If you’re suffering from a mental illness and are curious about using psilocybin therapy, please consult one of the relevant medical authorities first. Do not self-prescribe, it’s vital to have the right support and guidance when using psychedelics as medicine.

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