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Major Recap: Magic Mushroom Trip Setting | ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada Blog

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Over the past few weeks, if you have been keeping up to date with our weekly releases, then that means that you probably could start out as a guru, introducing your friends to the wonders of psychedelics - or not quite.

Your training is not complete yet my young Padawan for man and environment must be in harmony if a good trip is to be enjoyed. With that said, you have to ensure that both your mind and surroundings are prepared before embarking on a shroom trip. This knowledge is essentially a rite of passage when first learning about Shrooms; however , in case you skipped over a couple of founding tenets of the magic mushroom world, here is a major recap, with emphasis on set and setting.

What is a Magic Mushroom Trip Setting?

Set and Setting in essence refer to environments. Set refers to the internal environment/mind and setting refers to the external environment/physical surroundings and how these factors affect the psychedelic experience. With these environments, you are going to want to prepare them consciously in order to have a hitch-free and pleasurable trip experience.

Let’s break this down a bit more:

Set is an abbreviation for mindset. Your mental state will greatly influence your experience. Your mood, thoughts, feelings, and pre-trip expectations are all likely to influence how your trip goes. As a result, we recommend that you prepare for your trip by relaxing, meditating, getting a good night's sleep, and generally taking care of yourself. If it’s your first time, it is natural to be anxious! However, it does not have to overtake you. Much of a trip involves 'just going with the flow,' so the more open and calm you can be, the better. To help you centre yourself and focus, we also recommend writing down your goals or what you hope to gain from your experience ahead of time.

Additionally, your physical health should be considered — if you are sick or unhealthy, these sensations can be amplified when tripping except if the trip is meant to help with the condition (cluster headaches, anxiety etc). Pay attention to that as well — healthy body, healthy mind. If you're not feeling 100%, don't push yourself; instead, wait until the time is right for you.

Setting refers to the physical and social environment in which you choose to trip. Tripping on magic mushrooms heightens all feelings and emotions. This means that if you are nervous or in an unfamiliar environment, your anxiety may be exaggerated. As a result, we recommend going to a place where you feel comfortable — a familiar place. This will give you a sense of control over your experience, which will allow you to relax.

The importance of a magic mushroom trip setting cannot be overemphasized as I initially referred to it as a “founding tenet” of psychedelic usage. I love mushrooms? Tired of contamination and failure? Maybe you know how to grow mushrooms, but let us handle the sciencey and risky stuff. Try our grow kit, the ZoomBag magic mushroom grow kit, it is super easy to use, and get 2-4 ounces of dry mushrooms.

Origin of the term

Although you might expect another origin story shrouded in myth and mystery, set and setting have a rather straightforward origin. In this case, set and setting gets its credit from Timothy Leary and his Harvard colleagues who first introduced the concept in their 1964 psychedelic guidebook, The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

How to - Set & Setting?

Your Mindset

There are four major factors in mindset that can affect your psychedelic trip. These are Personality, Mood, Mental health and Beliefs.


There are several personality qualities. Some people exhibit certain kinds more than others, which is part of what distinguishes individuals. Among the Big Five personality characteristics in psychology, each of the following factors can have an impact on a person's psychedelic experience.

  • Extraversion (being outgoing and social)

  • Agreeableness (warmth and friendliness)

  • Openness (being intellectually curious, inventive, and imaginative)

  • Conscientiousness (being careful and diligent)

  • Neuroticism (the tendency to be in a negative or anxious state).

According to a research published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, there are links between the Big Five personality characteristics, as well as a person's tendency to hazardous conduct, and subjective responses to psychedelics.

Take for instance, individuals with higher tendencies of openness usually experienced “love, inner visions, and transcendent feelings” as in stark contrast to a deeper sense of connection to other people often experienced by individuals with higher tendencies of extroversion.


Psychedelics have a characteristic nature to amplify whatever the individual is currently feeling. If you're already in a good mood, it may help you stay that way. If you take a psychedelic while you are nervous, stressed out, or frustrated, the experience is more likely to be unpleasant.

This isn't to say that a bad or positive mood will always result in a poor or positive experience, but you should be aware that psychedelics have the ability to enhance whatever mood or feelings you're currently experiencing.


Our set also contains our beliefs. Religious, political, philosophical, cultural, or attitudinal views are all possible. All of these ideas can have an impact on the quality of a psychedelic experience.

Indeed, various cultures have distinct ideas about what psychedelics are and what they can achieve. If you're thinking of trying to grow your own psychedelic psilocybin magic mushrooms, you can try our grow kit... The ZoomBag magic mushroom grow kit! Check it out right here. And you will one step closer on knowing how to grow magic mushrooms.

Some cultures believe that hallucinogenic plants and mushrooms contain plant spirits that connect individuals to a non-physical or spiritual dimension. Someone another may regard them as helpful instruments for introspection and mental health improvement.

Different mindsets may have a significant impact on what develops — and what seems essential — during a journey.

Mental Health:

This is perhaps the most complicated out of the entire set. Patients having a history of psychotic condition, a significant suicide attempt, or hospitalization may be excluded from research on psilocybin treatment for depression. This is centered on limiting the danger of people's mental health deteriorating.

Nonetheless, other study has revealed that psychedelics can lessen suicidality, and other investigations have confirmed these findings. Suicidal ideas, planning, or attempts may subside following an encounter, according to anecdotal evidence.

Your Environment

Now that your internal environment is in order, you can look to ensure your surroundings follow suit. You can do so by considering these two factors: Location and people


The location of your encounter, as well as your emotions, may have a significant impact on its quality. People commonly consume psychedelics at home, in nature, during a festival, a concert, or at a rave.

Some people enjoy psychedelics during parties. However, these situations can also be overstimulating, overbearing, and perplexing. The same might be said if you're in a trance in a crowded metropolis.

For example, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy venues are often quiet and private, with a sofa and a few non-intrusive home-like décor to generate a natural sense of comfort and safety. Psychedelic group rituals can provide an altogether new setting, one in which members "hold space" for one another. It depends on your beliefs, needs, and social identity whether you choose a more private, solitary trip or one of community experiencing.


Having a friend keep an eye on you, especially if they've tripped before, can be quite valuable. Especially If you've never tried psilocybin before, have a sober sitter and start with a little dose. They should be someone you know, are at ease with, and trust. Tripping with strangers, in large crowds, or around people who aren’t trustworthy can all lead to an uncomfortable experience.

Many psychedelic users enjoy (or value) their alone journeys. This is because solitary journeys allow individuals to focus on themselves, making it simpler to move within.

When tripping with others, much of the experience might be focused on others and discussion. Each place has its own set of perks and downsides.

If you take a hallucinogenic drug at a party, even your friends' attitude - the 'set' - could influence the 'setting' and thus affect your own experience. A 2002 field study discovered that when people taking MDMA/ecstasy at parties reported having bad experiences, it usually coincided with the user's friends having pessimistic expectations or concerns about the trip. 'A sense that another user, particularly a friend or acquaintance who is a member of the collective, is not having a pleasant experience may have a negative impact on the group as a whole,' the researchers wrote.


  1. It is important to also prepare a safe space ahead of time in case things don’t go as planned. Hire a trip sitter if you have to.

  2. Ensure you take the correct dosage you are used to and comfortable with

  3. Try as much as possible not to panic

In conclusion

We hope you’ve been able to remember these important steps to take before any trip. With time, and the more often you trip, the easier it is to harmonize your set and setting. Also, remember to pay attention to your body and experiences because they may not always remain the same. If you have found this very informative, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Ever say to yourself "I wonder how to grow magic mushrooms?" We have a very easy to use magic mushroom grow kit in our shop. Yes thats the kind of mushroom that produces psilocybin, they are called psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. You can buy your own Zoombag magic mushroom grow kit right here.

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