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Magic Mushroom Strains - Part IV | ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada Blog

Updated: Jun 6

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Humans discovered the wonders of Psilocybin and even better, the order that served as a guide to as many who would be schooled in its mystic arts. For those who didn't catch this reference, this is referencing Star Wars. In the event you saw it, drop what your own version of an opening line would be. In today's article, we will be taking a look at two more magic mushroom strains: Treasure Coast and Pink Buffalo Magic Mushrooms.

Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom

Treasure Coast expands quickly. It is a quick-fruiting psilocybe that develops into large, dense clusters. The yield will undoubtedly lift you off the ground and transport you into outer space. Extremely trippy. If you want to buy your own magic mushrooms AKA psilocybin mushrooms, we sell dry magic mushrooms here. Or you can get your very own magic mushroom grow kit right here in our shop! That is, if you want to know how to grow magic mushrooms...

Origins of Psilocybe Cubensis Treasure Coast

Treasure Coast was initially found on Florida's east coast, as the name suggests. Its name derives from the location of its discovery. The area of the coast's name comes from all the valuables that washed up on the strand. Around the area, numerous shipwrecks occurred. They claim to have found the mushrooms growing in equine and bovine feces. It is not 100 percent proof, like other origin theories.

Characteristics of Magic Mushrooms Treasure Coast

Treasure Coast mushrooms make up for their lack of height with enormous flashes. If grown using spores, they will develop in large, thick clusters and quickly colonize the area.

It is a productive variety that frequently produces albinos. It will have beige crowns on broad white stalks. The hats could become more and more discolored in white.

Growing Magic mushrooms Treasure Coast

Treasure Coast is straightforward to grow and manage, like the majority of mushroom varieties. Although it is not the magic mushroom that grows the quickest, it will pay off handsomely over the course of several flushes. All you need is patience and some humidity from a misting bottle.

The best circumstances for growth consist of; materials like dung, straw, and grains. Humidity. Employ a mist bottle.

A 14–18 day colonization period.

A temperature of 28 to 30 degrees Celsius for colonization.

A temperature between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius for fruiting.

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Experience of Magic Mushrooms Treasure Coast

The magic mushrooms will lead you on a voyage through the cosmos, but the destination of the journey is unknown. It is a commensurate reward for the limited amount of patience required to produce the mushrooms. As you and the universe unite in harmony, the effects will rush in quickly but calm down.

After the brief journey through space, users have claimed to feel wiser. It will make you feel a part of nature. You can use it to restore your spirit and mind. One to two and a half grams of dried mushrooms are the suggested dosage. To determine the proper dosage, you could use utilize an internet calculator.

Treasure Coast Potency

Due to the fact that growing circumstances and other factors can affect psilocybin levels, potency varies greatly even within a single strain. It's difficult to gauge the average potency, but the majority of consumers claim that the Treasure Coast strain has above-average trip intensity.

Pink Buffalo Magic Mushroom

Thailand is the birthplace of the Pink Buffalo strain. They are huge topped mushrooms with darker caps than most. It is regarded as a highly active strain, extremely rhizomorphic and colonizes quickly in comparison to most other strains.

Origins of Pink Buffalo

What is a good magic mushroom strain without a legend? Here goes the legend of the Pink Buffalo Magic Mushroom strain: Milo Zverino, a mycologist, first gathered and printed this in Ban Saket, Thailand. This Cubensis variation takes its name from the Bubalis buffalo, one out of every ten of which is pink. The examples were discovered growing on dung in a rice area where water buffalo frequently feed.

Characteristics of Pink Buffalo

The base can sometimes be enlarged, and sometimes has a reflective sheen. The stems turn an intense blue when damaged. Individual mushrooms can be quite large. A single grow can easily go through multiple flushes.

Growing Pink Buffalo

Researchers have identified Thai Pink Buffalo as an aggressive colonizer that produces an abundance of medium-sized fruits. It has dark to light brown heads and stems that are normally long and uniform.

The growing difficulty for this strain can be considered moderate as the substrates required are equine dung and enriched soils cultivated in an environment with moderate temperature.

Cultivation time: Short

Tips: Since there is a possibility of a slow start to the fruiting phase, it might require some form of “jumpstart” or intervention such as cold-shocking

Experience of Pink Buffalo

The effects of pink buffalo are virtually the same as those of any Cubensis strain. Generally speaking, these mushrooms alter mood, mental habits, and perception, as well as create physical symptoms. Ideally, this implies pleasure, insight, and intriguing visual hallucinations (at larger dosages), but THE USER'S THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS DETERMINE THE TRIP'S DIRECTION—fear, uncomfortable ideas, and frightening visuals are all possibilities.

In any instance, nausea, vomiting, sluggishness, and other significant side effects are conceivable. Nonetheless, if basic common-sense safety precautions are followed, psilocybin mushrooms are a generally safe method to alter the mind. Pink Buffalo is reported to provide a softer, kinder high than other Psilocybe strains. Read more about our guide to safe tripping here.


As usual, the more the psilicybin compound ingested, the more intense its effects. Furthermore, other factors such as moisture content (dry or wet form) have to be taken into consideration. This is due to the fact that the dose equivalent of dry form compared to wet form is smaller and should be thoroughly noted. In terms of figures:

  1. low dose (1 gram) = 10 mg of Psilocybin

  2. medium dose (1.75 grams, roughly) = 17.5 mg of Psilocybin

  3. high dose (3.5 grams) = 35 mg Psilocybin

The recommendations depending on experience level are shown below:

  • Beginner: Low dose

  • More experienced users: Medium or high

  • Existential experience (Heroic dose): This is anything above the high dose. This dose should be avoided at all cost as it is truly dangerous.

In order to enjoy microdosing benefits without hallucinations, improve concentration and focus, any dose below the low dose will be sufficient.

Pink Buffalo Potency

Pink Buffalo is considered on the powerful side of P. cubensis strains, however the difference isn't striking. In terms of potency, P. cubensis is in the center of the pack among psilocybin-containing mushroom species.

In summary..

We in the magic mushroom community don't know a lot about the Treasure Coast shroom strain. There is no information available regarding who isolated and harvested it from Florida's Treasure Shore, which is located on the state's eastern coast.

The strain is well renowned for its tremendous potency, which is on par with that of many other top psilocybin producers and is only outclassed by a small number of others, such as Penis Envy. Given the high likelihood of pin aborts (mushrooms that begin to form but don't finish), the strain is difficult to grow.

If you can get past the first flush, the yield will be enormous.

Finally, the Pink Buffalo is a very beginner friendly strain as it has a general effect of a softer and kinder high. In the event that you want to cultivate it yourself, it’s not rocket science! You can do it too. Ever say to yourself "I wonder how to grow magic mushrooms?" We have a very easy to use magic mushroom grow kit in our shop. Yes thats the kind of mushroom that produces psilocybin, they are called psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. You can buy your own Zoombag magic mushroom grow kit right here.

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