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Magic Mushroom Strains - Part 3 | ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada Blog

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

What a wonderful time to be alive! For as many out there who wonder what awesome thing there is to make being alive wonderful, how about the fact that you can enjoy a trip?! But what makes these trips somewhat special is the fact that with every strain, a new flavor is unlocked. With each strain, there is that one-in-a-million chance that only you would experience something unique. THAT IS WHY, we will be exploring 2 more strains: Lizard King and Ajax. Don't forget to leave a comment at the bottom on what you want to see next.

I love mushrooms? Tired of contamination and failure? Maybe you know how to grow mushrooms, but let us handle the sciencey and risky stuff. Try our grow kit, the ZoomBag magic mushroom grow kit, it is super easy to use, and get 2-4 ounces of dry mushrooms.

Lizard King Mushroom

The Lizard King magic mushroom got its name from the guy who discovered it growing in Northern Mexico. The "Lizard King," Jim Morrison, lead singer of the rock band "The Doors," contributed to the mushroom's popularity. The species has huge, fat, beige crowns and lighter-colored stems, and it grows faster than other Psilocybe Cubensis strains. After consuming Lizard King mushrooms, you can expect spiritual awakenings, in-depth introspection, and mild to intense hallucinations. This is a fantastic mushroom for beginners and is quickly becoming a staff favorite for hiking. Reports from Psychonauts describe a joyful, energizing trip with a relaxed body high and powerful visuals.

Lizard King Mushroom

Lizard King Mushroom History

A man known as "The Lizard King" helped discover numerous additional Mexican mushroom species in addition to the highly sought-after Lizard King mushroom in the country's northern regions. This Psilocybe Cubensis strain was discovered by him when he saw it growing in a mixture of horse dung and decaying wood.

By the 1960s, Jim Morrison, the famed rock band "The Doors" lead vocalist, had played a significant role in the rise in popularity of the Lizard King magic mushroom in both Canada and the United States.

Jim grew up in New Mexico for a large portion of his boyhood, when he became fascinated by the region and the mythical animals that the American Southwest's indigenous peoples revered. His songs frequently make references to reptiles and settings like deserts, ancient lakes, snakes, and lizards, which appear to be the result of these obsessions.

Jim chose the lizard as his spirit animal because of his passion for the desert and reptiles, earning him the moniker "The Lizard King." The "Ghost Dance," a Native American ceremony, served as an inspiration to The Doors' lead singer. Jim frequently used the Lizard King psilocybin mushrooms to generate a state of trance and heightened vision while dancing endlessly to assist his shamanic alter ego in an effort to replicate the "Ghost Dance."

Appearance of the Lizard King Strain

Fresh Lizard King magic mushrooms have thick, beige crowns and white stems that are easy to spot. The fruits are of average size and have thick caps that give the mushroom a plump, full appearance. The shroom's brown and beige crown and its light brown stem can be seen when it has dried. This species typically ranges in size from 2 to 4 centimeters wide and 5 to 12 centimeters tall.

Growing Lizard King Mushrooms

In addition to having a quick colonization rate, Lizard King magic mushrooms also have quick growth rates and, if grown properly, abundant harvests. To get the greatest results, we recommend using our own spawn medium and fruiting media, which have been nutrient optimized. A beginner mycologist can easily grow Lizard King Psilocybe Cubensis thanks to its simple culture needs. Want to know how to grow magic mushrooms? If you want to grow your own magic mushrooms in a psilocybin magic mushroom grow kit check out the ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit which we sell here!


The potency of Lizard Kings is often between average and above average. There is not much of a bodily high and the experience is quite spiritual. For individuals who want to spend time outside, this might be beneficial.

Psychedelic Effects of Lizard King Mushrooms

The effects of Lizard King magic mushrooms can be felt anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours after eating. Everyone's response to psilocybin depends on a variety of variables, including environment, environment, nutrition, metabolism, weight, and environment.

Users of the strain have reported being able to connect with their inner selves, friends, and animals. Although Lizard King mushrooms have a reputation for improving one's spirituality, they are unable to stimulate the body intensely.

According to a number of testimonies, users might anticipate experiencing spiritual awakenings, deep states of reflection, strong sentiments, and mild to severe hallucinations. Some psychonauts even claim that using Lizard King mushrooms allowed them to engage in advantageous perspective changes that changed their outlook on life.

Experience based on dosage.

Micro Experience – 0.1g – 0. 5g

A micro-dose is a tiny quantity of mushrooms. Instead of making you feel high, microdosing aims to boost your mood, cognition, focus, and mindfulness while lowering your anxiety levels.

Users report feeling happier and less anxious overall, as well as less depressed and anxious.

Mini Experience – 0.5g – 1.5g

Expect butterflies in your stomach, faint visions, and relaxation at these levels, which have effects that are modest and similar to those of cannabis. Expect a moderate body high, light hallucinations, increased creativity, euphoria, and introspection at the higher end of the dosing range.

Macro Experience 1.5g – 5g +

For beginners and advanced mushroom hunters, this is a good all-around mushroom.

The effects are modest and comparable to getting high on pot at low doses of 1g to 2g. You'll enjoy the way music sounds and sense that you have greater mental energy.

Higher doses of 3g to 4g can be expected to produce euphoria, vivid visuals, an increase in inventiveness, and heightened senses.

Expect complete disconnection from reality and intense hallucinations at 5 g+.

Typically, a trip lasts 4 to 6 hours.

Dosage guide

Magic mushrooms have the capacity to have various effects on different people. If you're unfamiliar with mushrooms, proceed with caution. Always exercise caution when combining these mushrooms with other psychedelic substances, such as alcohol or marijuana.

  • Micro: 0.25 gram

  • Low: 0.25 – 1 gram

  • Medium: 1 – 2 gram

  • Strong: 2.5 – 5 gram

  • Heavy: 5 gram and upwards

Ajax Magic Mushrooms

The original collection site for this white Cubensis species was an agricultural area close to Jacksonville, Florida. The original specimens were reproduced and given to a select group of mycologists in different parts of the United States. "Ajax" has swiftly gained popularity among researchers all over the world due to its aggressive mycelial development and dense clusters. Medium-sized fruits with light brown to cream-colored heads and long, thick stems are abundantly produced by Ajax. All levels of spore researchers can benefit from using Ajax.


On the spore merchants subreddit, Ajax mushroom genetics is a favorite of many new users and has grown in popularity. It partly results from the strain's reputation for vigorous mycelial development and tightly packed clusters. Additionally, their fruit is frequently homogeneous and widely spaced. Sonoran Spores considers it to be one of his personal favorites because studying it is simple and forgiving. Therefore, those who are just starting out in the hobby of spore research should choose this strain!


Ajax has quickly gained popularity among researchers all across the world! Throughout the neighborhood, it is well-known for its medium-sized fruits with a long, thick stem. The white stem rises to a convex top and is dotted with dark streaks. Ajax fruit has fascinating light brown to cream-colored crowns. The veil is torn away from the cap as it enlarges. When it reaches maturity, it flattens out and can then produce a good spore print. Because it is simple to manage but a wonderful addition to any library, this strain is perfect for both beginning and advanced research.

In summary...

Currently, there is very little to no information available on this cultivar. Ajax is a very recent variation of Psilocybe cubensis. It was bought, sold, and traded on Reddit before becoming a reliable variety. Few people have it in their libraries, and those who do like the sample, making it a superb collector's item. Ajax's ancestry is unknown, but boy do they have a gorgeous appearance! Its easiest to start growing mushrooms with a ZoomBag magic mushroom grow kit, you can get yours here. These psilocybin magic mushroom grow kits are made in Canada with all organic ingredients. This is a good place to start if you want to know how to grow magic mushrooms.

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