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Lemon TEK vs Shroom Tea | ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada Blog

‘What is the difference?!’ I hear you shout. Or, maybe you are outraged that I assumed you didn’t know the difference. In that case I apologise, dear psychonaut. But, for those who are not versed in the world of magic mushrooms and psilocybin the question remains...

So What’s The Difference?!

Often in blog posts or how-to’s you find variations on the title ‘Lemon TEK Tea’ or ‘Shroom Lemon Tea’ etc, etc. Which can leave the uninitiated mistakenly believing that they are one and the same. However, for those in the know there is a massive difference, and often, regular psychonauts will be split in what is their preferred method of ingestion (not including just chowing down on your truffles/shrooms raw).

So! We are here to help you weigh up the differing benefits of lemon TEK and shroom tea. Of course, you can like both, and alternate between the two, but sometimes it’s nice to have a ‘lil list to hand so you can check which method suits your current vibe. Its easiest to start growing mushrooms with a ZoomBag magic mushroom grow kit, you can get yours here. These psilocybin magic mushroom grow kits are made in Canada with all organic ingredients. This is a good place to start if you want to know how to grow magic mushrooms.

Moving on, lets see how they measure up:

Shroom Tea


  • Boil kettle or pan of water on the stove top.

  • Allow to cool for a few minutes (psilocybin does not appreciate boiling water)

  • Add your truffles or mushies to the hot water

  • Allow to steep for 10-15 minutes

  • Add sweetener or flavour if desired

  • Sip!

  • Trip.


Many shroom tea fans report that drinking a brew results in a faster come up than just eating the truffles or mushrooms.


A lot of people who now swear by shroom tea started because eating the raw substance gave them nausea. The cell walls of the mushrooms or truffles (called chitins) are indigestible to humans, often resulting in their rejection by the body. By infusing water with the good stuff (psilocybin) you sidestep the sickness.


Similarly a lot of people choose tea because they don’t like the taste of the raw stuff. Tea can easily be flavoured for those with more sensitive palettes.


The evidence for this is only anecdotal, but some shroom tea fans say that a tea-trip is stronger than eating the fungus raw, as it is more easily absorbed, thus creating a more powerful experience.

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Lemon TEK


  • Chop or grind truffles/mushies into little bits

  • Place in glass/mug/goblet

  • Squeeze enough lemon juice into receptacle to cover the bits

  • Leave for 20 minutes

  • Sip!

  • Trip.


Now if tea is supposed to induce a speedier come up, lemon TEK kicks it into hyperdrive. Many TEKers report that the come up is much faster and more intense. This is partially because the acid from the lemon juice begins to digest, or almost ‘cook’ the shrooms, a bit like ceviche (for seafood fans!)


TEKers also report less nausea due to some of the chitins being broken down for them by the lemon juice.


Well, very lemony! But of course you can sweeten your lemon TEK with honey or sugar syrup. Additionally, as there is less liquid involved than in tea, you can drink it more as a ‘shot’, making any unpleasant flavour quickly over with.


This is the big one. Lemon TEK is famous for creating very intense trips. Many say that you will have a stronger experience if you lemon TEK than if you use an equal weight of shrooms as tea or eat them raw. Lemon TEK boasts a faster come up, more of a ‘heady’ feeling, and a shorter trip (usually shaving a few hours off). Although the trip itself is described as stronger, often the tripper is less tired after lemon TEKing. This is because the body has to work less hard digesting the ingredients, and thus uses less energy. Despite this many recommend working up to lemon TEKing rather than doing it on your first shrooms experience, purely due to its intensity.

The Best of Both Worlds

So, now you’ve compared these two classic recipes you can decide which works best for you. Additionally, there is a way of having the best of both worlds! Some sneaky psychonauts lemon TEK and then make tea with the infused lemon juice. The reason for this is because many find the acidity of pure lemon TEKing too much, causing reflux or indigestion. With this method you get the most of the intensity of a lemon TEK trip combined with the slightly ‘softer’ experience of tea.

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A Wise Psychonaut

So whether you TEK or tea, or a mixture of the two, we hope that this comparison has helped you get to know your mushies a little bit better. The ‘magic’ is such that even the way you ingest them can influence an already very personal experience. By arming yourself with shroom knowledge you can become an expert in your preferred way to trip— a wise psychonaut. Speaking of mushrooms, checkout our magic mushroom grow kit here. You'll be happy you did. I mean, if you were wondering how to grow magic mushrooms... Or you can buy mushrooms that have already been grown right here.

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