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How to: Making Fresh Magic Mushroom Honey | ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Canada Blog

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

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Once you have a grown a bunch of magic mushrooms, there are many ways to cook, extract and enjoy their goodness. One of our favorite concoctions is what we fondly call “Magic Honey” – honey infused with fresh, chopped up Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms. This post covers a few tricks required to get a good honey / mushroom mixture. These honey jar or bottles can store for months to years and are a great way to microdose. A teaspoon of magic honey in your morning oatmeal adds colour to your day!

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There are two main methods of preserving mushrooms in honey – chopped mushrooms and whole mushrooms. With chopped mushrooms, most of the psychoactive chemicals “bleed” from the mushrooms into the honey, making it potent as well. For this reason, this method is called the “full bleed” preservation method. With whole mushrooms, less of the psychoactive compounds escape from the mushroom to the honey due to the smaller surface area of contact with the honey. This method is called the “zero bleed” preservation method. This name is somewhat deceptive, as some of these active compounds do escape into the honey, but to a much lesser extent than a full bleed.

In the following how-to, we cover the “full bleed” preservation of about 120g of fresh magic mushrooms in 750cc of natural honey. Enjoy!

Items needed

  • 120g Fresh Cubensis Mushrooms

  • Sharp Knife and Chopping Board

  • Empty 750ml glass bottle with Cap

  • 1L French Press

  • Paper Towels, Funnel

  • Plastic Sieve Netting

  • Long Teaspoon for Mixing the Honey

Step 1 : Chop up the Fresh Mushrooms Finely with a Sharp Knife

This is a long and rather tedious process, but can really be considered a labour of love. Chopping up each mushroom by hand, and giving the process the attention it requires. While chopping up these mushrooms in a blender can also work, we found that it introduced more micro air bubbles into the honey. Occasionally place chopped mushrooms in the french press and cover with honey. If you need to take a break, you can apply the plunger of the french press lightly on the mushrooms so that a thin layer of honey bleeds over them, thus preventing their oxidation. Continue chopping mushrooms and adding honey into the french press, until you get to about 650ml of liquid.

Step 2 : Pour Mushroom Honey Mixture into Bottle

Pour the mushroom / honey mixture from the french press into the empty 750ml bottle using a funnel. Fill up the remaining space in the bottle with regular honey so that it reaches about half way in the neck of the bottle.

Step 3 : Build a Filter to hold the Mushroom material down in the Bottle

Cut out a strip of plastic sieve netting and roll into a shape that can plug the bottle neck in such a way that will allow honey to pass through, but not solids. It should be a comfortable and not too tight of a fit as you push the rolled sieve net into the bottle neck.

Step 4 : Seal the Bottle. Then Mix Bottle Contents and Expel Air

Pour some fresh honey to completely cover the bottle neck and your makeshift plug / filter. Once the bottle is filled to the brim close the bottle with a cap and allow to rest fo a couple of hours.

Step 5 : Mix Bottle and Watch for air Pressure Building up

Over the next few days, turn the bottle around every few hours. You will notice that the mushroom material will tend to float and rise to the surface. Turning the bottle up-side-down mixes the active ingredients in the mushrooms with the honey and infuse it. Allow small bubbles of air to slowly collect and every so often, top up the bottle up with honey if larger air cavities form.

Notes & Tips
  1. Always try to cover chopped mushrooms with honey, as soon as possible to prevent oxidation.

  2. Try to find thick, pure honey. The thicker the better, as it will dilute with the mushroom water content.

  3. If your mushrooms are extra wet, use less than the recipe calls for.

  4. Avoid licking honey off the spoon (or elsewhere), as you'll soon find yourself staring at walls.

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