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Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a great option for clients who would like to offer their customers Zoombags but don't have the space to do so. 

Dropshipping clients are to receive their print marketing material to post up at the location. 

When a customer buys a ZOOMBAG from a store the store takes payment directly from the customer. 

After taking payment the dropshipping store can scan the QR code to take them to the dropshipping product page. 

Dropshipping stores can access the Wholesale portal with the password: VANCITY 

From here they navigate to the Dropship page.

Select the quantity and complete purchase by providing:

Name, Address, Email, and Phone number of the purchasing customer.  

They take the profit from the customer directly. 

The store pays for the zoombag using the stores credit card or card on file. 

The store clerk places the order on our website through the portal. 

This page is located in the wholesale portal. 

Once all info is submitted, we receive the order and fulfill the invoice. 

We ship to the customer 

Let's try to keep drop shipping as a last resort for when the store does not want to stock product for whatever reason. 

We want to encourage paying for the product upfront!

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