Zoombag.ca Affiliate/Referral Program


  1. Register here as our affiliate member for free

  2. Get your referral link/network link/coupon code from our affiliate program platform.

  3. Promote Zoombag.ca on social platforms/blog/website

  4. Customer orders at Zoombag.ca by your affiliate link or coupon code

  5. You earn the commissions of sales and get paid from Zoombag.ca




- Earn Lifetime commissions from your referrals

- After your first sale you will earn a percentage of each product sold. Percentages vary by the product and is subject to change from time to time. To see current product commissions click here and scroll down to see the product payout table. 


You are allowed inviting others into the affiliate network through the Network link which displayed on Affiliate dashboard or Network section.

If you invite another distributor into Zoombag.ca Affiliate Program through the network link, that distributor will be considered as a lifetime downline affiliate.

For example:

You sign up as an affiliate, then invites Victor, Victor invites Michelle and Michelle invites David.

Network: You => Victor => Michelle => David.

If David brings a referral order and the commission is $100, then network commission will be:

  • Level 1 (Michelle who invites David): $100 x 10%= $10

  • Level 2 (Victor who invites Michelle): $100 x 5%= $5

  • Level 3 (You invite Victor): $100 x 2% =$2

1) Please know that we are still in the first year of our affiliate program and we are adjusting it as we learn what is working for our affiliates, customers and our business. Every aspect of this program is subject to change upon the needs of our customers, affiliates and sustainability of our business. All commissions already earned will always be paid out and never changed, although future commission percentages may change, and to stay up to date with that just check our product commissions table/chart here.


2) Payments are made weekly if your balance meets the minimum threshold. Commission income are paid by Zoombag.ca by Interac e-transfer to the email on file approximately 2 days after the end of the week for which they are being paid. If you want your payments sent to a different email please contact us and let us know as soon as possible. 

3) The minimum threshold of weekly payment is $40, if we owe you less than $40, your commissions will be rolled into the next week's total. 

3) Associates are not eligible for commission income from orders placed on their behalf, or by closely related parties. The Zoombag.ca Affiliates Program is an advertising program and is not intended to provide discounts on purchases. Sometimes we may offer discounts to your referrals but that is subject to change without any notice. Our intent is to pay commission income when affiliates refer unrelated customers to Zoombag.ca