The ZoomBag. The EASIEST & FASTEST Magic Mushroom Grow Kit!
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3 Simple Steps 
 ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Summarized Instructions

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Step 1: Poke Holes

Step 2: Watch
Mushrooms Grow!

Step 3: Harvest!


*Your ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit comes as one solid
brick of mycelium, the fresh air is
what will trigger your mushrooms to start growing*

*Mushrooms will start to grow within 3-10 days of poking holes.
Your ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow kit
will be full of magic mushrooms
within 7ish days of the first mushrooms growing*

*Once your bag is full of mushrooms, you can harvest them.
Once harvested, another harvest will fill your bag within 10 days
of picking your first harvest! Each bag will give you up to
3-5 harvests if done correctly and CLEANLY*


You must follow all the steps carefully with very clean hands and utensils. Failure to do so may cause an unsuccseful harvest


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