DIY Magic Mushroom Grow Kits are fun & rewarding! 

 ABOUT OUR COMPANY is a Vancouver & Squamish based psilocybin mushroom kit company, specializing in DIY psilocybin mushroom grow kits that are simple to understand and effortless to grow. Yes, these are the psychedelic kind of mushrooms! Also known as Psilocybe Cubensis.

     Our company believes in the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of psilocybin shrooms and we want to share the magic with the world. Whether you microdose mushrooms or you dose heroically for therapy, we have the strains you want and the quality you can't beat. We even offer our in house made microdose capsules, some made with other types of mushrooms such as Lions Mane, Chaga, Reishi and Cordyceps.


Hello! My name is Kye! I created this business after mushrooms saved my life. Mushrooms helped me get sober after over 10 years of substance abuse. I am proud to say I am almost 5 years into my sobriety journey and mushrooms continue to be a pillar of support! I am very open about my business, life and within my conversations with my customers. I treat them all like family! It is a blessing and gift to be able to share my products and life experiences with them and there is nothing I would rather be doing! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to learn anything about me. I am an open book and I believe talking about our life experiences can help one another...and helping people is the main reason I do what I do.


Our grow kits are "ready to fruit" which means they are 100% colonized and ready to start the phase of growing the actual mushrooms upon arrival! We do all the risky sciencey parts for you. Each kit we sell actually takes us roughly 8-12 weeks to manufacture to the point it is at when you receive it! We start growing our culture from the spores of the shroom. So you are receiving the kit when it is at its final stage of cultivation and ready to grow the actual mushrooms.


   Setup of our kits takes less than 5 minutes and the magic will happen within a few days after. Most other kits on the market involve mixing all the ingredients into the grow chamber such as mushroom spawn, coco coir substrate, vermiculite carefully with accurate measurements and completely sterilized environments.  This allows for lots of room for error as when the user is mixing ingredients, one mistake will result in the end of the project. The mistake is usually unknown and a surprise to the user as contamination is usually the culprit of a failed kit.(click here to read more about contamination in our tremendous learning center/blog!) Contamination is usually caused from invisible mold spores landing inside the grow kit and then the mold takes over the mycelium as it is also a fungi, and it usually wins the battle. This is irreversible once it has happened. Mold spores are everywhere and invisible to our eyes. BUT We are not saying these other kits are bad! We don't believe in trash talking our competition for our sake. We believe in honesty and integrity and we can admit that many kits on the market are great if used correctly! We know that our kits are a great starting point for any new grower (and experts too because of the convenience!) But please do your research on which ever company you choose to buy from as there are some mushroom websites that have been known to not deliver product after the order has been placed. This is unfortunate as it gives the industry a bad look. We strive to run our business in a complete opposite manner. Here at ZoomBag we go the extra mile for YOU!


Customer service and quality viable products are our two top priorities. We are proud to share with you that we have a 60% returning customer rate. In the world of e-commerce 20-30% is considered good! Why do our customers come back time and time again? Well, we are proud to have one of, if not, the easiest magic mushroom grow kits on the market! That, and we have the most top notch customer service one could ask for!


When you place your grow kit order, you are assigned a personal grow guide. Your grow guide is a member from our team who becomes your personal guide to help you every step of the way if needed. We are so committed to our craft that we work everyday and answer your questions usually within minutes no matter the day or time! This is because growing mushrooms can be a time sensitive task, and if you have any questions about your kit, we want to make sure we are right there for you at your fingertips.


  Not only are our kits the easiest, but they are the most viable! Producing aggressive and resilient mycelium hyphae of our carefully crafted and tested psilocybin genetics resulting in large yields.


 We have some of the best psilocybin mushroom mycologists in the world working behind the scenes on our genetics. Our mycologists are veterans in the game! with over 32 years lab experience between the two of them. 

We wish you well on your growing journey and hope to accommodate! Thank you all for your support!


You must follow all the steps carefully with very clean hands and utensils. Failure to do so may cause an unsuccseful harvest

3 Simple Steps 
 ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Summarized Instructions

Step 1:
Poke Holes


Step 3:

Tafapparel 2-01.png

*Your ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow Kit comes as one solid
brick of mycelium, the fresh air is
what will trigger your mushrooms to start growing*

Tafapparel 2-02.png
Tafapparel 2-03.png

*Mushrooms will start to grow within 3-10 days of poking holes.
Your ZoomBag Magic Mushroom Grow kit
will be full of magic mushrooms
within 7ish days of the first mushrooms growing*

*Once your bag is full of mushrooms, you can harvest them.
Once harvested, another harvest will fill your bag within 10 days
of picking your first harvest! Each bag will give you up to
3-5 harvests if done correctly and CLEANLY*


Step 2:
Watch Them Grow!

Buy your own mushroom grow kit and experience the magic for yourself 

To give you an idea of how diverse and varied mushrooms are, within the Psilocybe genus there are over 200 species. Each mushroom strain has their differences in appearance, growing requirements and potency. The most well researched, easy to cultivate and commonly found species in this genus is the Psilocybe Cubensis

Zoombag offers a wide variety of magic mushroom strains and we pride ourselves in having curated a highly refined, top quality mushroom culture bank. From the Ajax to the Golden Teacher to the Thai Pink Buffalo, our growing kits are reliable and well put together. The success of your magic mushroom growing kit is important to us.


We have tested these mushroom growing kits with even the most difficult to cultivate, like the Penis Envy. Due to our extensive research and professional experience growing mushrooms our cultures stay strong, reliable and resilient. Enabling even the novice grower to have a bountiful harvest with our magic mushroom grow kit. 

Magic Mushroom Growing Kit Tips



We recommend to read your instructions all the way through before you start the process of growing your mushrooms. This is because growing mushrooms can be a sensitive task, so having a full understanding of what is involved will ensure you have a successful grow!



All you need to grow with our mushroom kits is a room that is around or slightly above room temperature, with a nearby window that can provide ambient lighting! 



It is very easy! But that said, one mistake and it could be the end of your kit! So please pre-read those instructions! You will also want to have a relatively clean grow space. So get that vacuum, duster and disinfectant out prior to setting up. 

         The team at Zoombag is made up of regular folks, just like you! The thing about us is; we are really passionate about sharing the magic that is growing mushrooms at home.


   Over the years we have developed a streamlined process for growing magic mushrooms that gives us consistent success and reliable results. These steps are simple to follow and easy to do. Now you get the chance to watch your tiny baby mushrooms grow which is the most rewarding and magical part of the whole process. 


     When you buy a magic mushroom grow kit from us, you not only purchase all the materials needed to do it yourself, but you gain access to an incredible team of people with a deep bed of knowledge growing magic mushrooms. Every step of the way, we are here for you to answer questions, comments and concerns.



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Keeping your own magic mushroom grow kit at home alive seems like a daunting task, especially without the proper support. Over the years we have gained the right experience and gathered valuable knowledge in growing magic mushrooms. To share the process with you, we have completed many of the major steps for you so all you have to do is watch them grow!


From creating the genetics culture, sterilizing the substrate, and even colonizing the spawn with the substrate for you. We have got the hard parts covered so you will almost certainly have a great grow! We have thoughtfully put together these kits so you can effortlessly experience the magic of growing. When you grow at home you benefit from learning about the life cycle of a mushroom at a personal level and you get to watch your shroom babies grow from nothing.

The process of growing your psilocybin shroom babies is semi-involved and completely rewarding. From watching your grow kit start to fruit, to harvesting your first ripe mushrooms, Zoombag grow kits are a magical experience from start to finish. 


Enjoy the magical fruits of your labour in micro doses or full doses knowing exactly how and where the mushrooms came from. We test all out grow kits and we even sell our carefully cultivated and dried mushrooms if you are in the market for just those! You can buy dry magic mushrooms if you click on our menu!